Real Estate Law

  • Purchasing a house or a flat: We take care of the contract drafting, fisuciray handling and land registration of your property at a flat rate. 
  • Commercial real estate properties: Here we work very closely with tax advisors, expert opinions and other consultants.
  • Real estate agent law: We are happy to support you, for example, in drafting and negotiating contracts or in legal disputes.
  • Contracts: Our expertise covers, among other things, apartment purchase agreements, land purchase agreements, real estate purchase agreements, including fiduciary processing and land register execution, donation agreements, lease agreements, property development agreements, trust agreements, servitude agreements, condominium agreements, etc. 
  • Litigation: In the event of legal disputes in connection with real estate (e.g. due to construction defects, condominium law issues, disturbances of possession and neighbor disputes), you can rely on our competent and committed legal representation in court or before the authorities. 
  • All about Airbnb & renting: legal situation & problems 
  • Support with condominium law issues and disputes