„The modern agile law firm“

I have designed the structures of my law firm to be lean and flexible so that I can fit seamlessly into the fluid daily lives of my clients. There are no barriers that could prevent you from getting the legal advice you urgently need. I am as flexible and accessible as my client needs me to be in order to achieve the best results.

Thanks to modern communication tools and technology, we can work together in real time. One of my core values is that I adapt to my client’s way of working and times. I firmly believe that I can best serve my clients by taking into account their individual needs and requirements. I am convinced that good communication is the key to a successful mandate. That is why I use modern means of communication to organize appointments, exchange information and conclude mandates efficiently and successfully. Whether we exchange information via video calls or traditional communication channels, my clients are always at the center of my attention.

As our legal system is becoming more and more extensive and confusing, my team and I have specialized in some areas of law, but we cover many areas. The advantage to you is that we can offer advice and representation across various civil and commercial law areas, both domestically and internationally. You don’t always need to seek out multiple specialists for different areas. It’s particularly important for me to know my clients well in order to develop tailored solutions for their individual concerns.

That’s why my team and I not only offer comprehensive contract drafting, advice, and international litigation, but also have a network of trusted partners, including patent attorneys, tax advisors, and internationally renowned law firms outside our jurisdiction. Through my ongoing support, I can offer you solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business.

The focus is on international litigation and disputes, advice and commercial contracts in all intellectual property, data protection, e-commerce, real estate law and selected commercial and civil law fields.

The firm has access to a network of tried and trusted partners and close working relations with tax consultants, patent attorneys, and outside our home jurisdiction with leading law firms. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Rent and housing law
National and international Litigation
digitalization, E-commerce Consumer Protection
IP Trademarks and Domains
general civil law
Competition Law, Advertising, Social Media and Conventional Media
Artificial Intelligence
immigration law
Data Protection
Real Estate law