National and international litigation

Disputes are a common occurrence in today’s business world and the real estate industry is no exception. In this case, you need a partner with litigation experience who can show you the opportunities and risks of a legal dispute and prepare you for the proceedings. We will defend your interests in any type of dispute so you can remain focused on your core business objectives. We have been representing internationally active and renowned companies and private individuals in court proceedings for many years. Our task is to efficiently enforce your own claims or defend against unjustified claims. In the context of a dispute, we work with you to develop the most efficient attack and defense strategies.

Our services:

  • National and international litigation 
  • dept collection service 
  • cross border disputes 

especially in the areas of

  • intellectual property 
  • general civil law 
  • damages and warranty law 
  • media law 
  • ecommerce 
  • data protection and 
  • real estate (tenancy law and real estate law)

A network of selected partners ensures the same standards of representation abroad as apply to us in Austria. We are a member of the international lawyers’ organizations IBA, INTA, ECTA, GRUR and AIPPI.